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Click here to help raise funds for a new hospital in Sundre Alberta, and to provide more dollars for local health care in the Sundre, Water Valley, Cremona region of Alberta.
Sundre Hospital Futures is working on a plan for the next half century. We are determined to take care of our residents and the thousands of visitors who travel through our community. Patching our current hospital cannot go on forever.

We have to have the best health professionals and the best equipment. We need to become "the pearl" of rural health care and innovation.

Health care doesn't just happen in the hospital. Health is a community activity. It takes medical clinics, home care, supportive living, pharmacies, chiropractors, dentists, hygienists, spas, sports facilties and walking trails, and it takes people.

We want to build on our reputation as a forward-thinking, rural health care centre. We will fundraise to acquire the finest medical equipment our community requires.

Can we do it? Can we be a community-wide campus? Can we build a new hospital? Yes, we can! Are you in?

The Sundre Hospital Futures committee provides an avenue through which the general public can provide bequests and financial support to enhance and improve the delivery of healthcare in the Sundre District Health Services area.
Community Health Centres, like the hospital and clinics in Sundre Alberta offer a variety of services and programs for all ages that help communities maintain and improve their health.
The Foundation Board endeavours to obtain a priority list of items and needs throughout all phases of local healthcare.
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