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The role of the Sundre Hospital Futures is to raise funds and enhance health services for residents of Sundre and surrounding areas, and to raise awareness in the community about local health care needs.

When you donate to Sundre Hospital Futures, you can ask that your funds be directed to Acute Care, Long Term Care, Palliative Care, Obstetrics, Medical team Recruitment and Retention, the Joanne Overguard Memorial Fund (for the new hospital), or simply to what the Foundation considers its "Greatest Needs".

Rest assured that every dollar will be strategically invested into leading edge technology and patient care enhancement.

We are currently raising funds for heart monitors.

We have partnered with Annette Clews of Ragn's & Such for a facemask fundraiser.

Sundre Hospital Futures has partnered with Annette Clews of Ragn's & Such for a facemask fundraiser. 50% of each mask purchased goes to Sundre Hospital Futures! Masks can be purchased at the following:

In March of 2019, the Foundation launched the race for new, state-of-the-art Spacelabs technology at the Myron Thompson Health Centre (Sundre Hospital and Care Centre).

The new committee met with Alberta Health Services, working collaboratively with the provincial health care delivery agency to determine the hospital's specific needs. Statistical data showed that the Sundre region is 30 per cent more likely to be dealing with a cardiac event than the provincial average. With instances of heart disease and related cardiac issues on the rise, and that the community is fairly far from any modern cardiac care centres nor do we have direct access to cardiologists, it was determined we would devote our next fundraising campaign to Spacelabs monitor.

Not only does this monitor give hospital staff the ability to remotely monitor a patient continuously from the nurses' station without physically having to be in the emergency room, but patients can be monitored remotely by a cardiologist from anywhere in the province!

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Besides being committed to attracting and retaining health professionals and quality facilities in the community of Sundre, the group has funded several different projects in its relatively short existence.

  • Labour-delivery sleeper chair
  • Labour-delivery equipment cart for the recently renovated delivery room
  • Bariatric lift
  • Electrocardiographic stretcher
  • Bili meter to measure light emissions from phototherapy systems
  • Four over bed tables

We look forward to continuing
our story in this community and
together, making a difference.

Our work is not done. It is important we keep up with the leading technological advancements - not just for current patient care needs, but to give our physicians and support staff the tools they need to provide the top quality health care services our community needs.
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Computer age technology helps our doctors and nurses do their jobs most efficiently.

The Sundre Hospital Futures committee provides an avenue through which the general public can provide bequests and financial support to enhance and improve the delivery of healthcare in the Sundre District Health Services area.
Community Health Centres, like the hospital and clinics in Sundre Alberta offer a variety of services and programs for all ages that help communities maintain and improve their health.
The Foundation Board endeavours to obtain a priority list of items and needs throughout all phases of local healthcare.
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